Today, there appears to be a retreat to the strategy of “wise growth”, leaning on existing resources from within the company, and therefore a substantial growth of work volume. This strategy in the awakening countries, emphasises the need in objective and comprehensive viewing of the local market, and the adaptive ability to make fast changes happen. This is a critical foundation for planning a successful growth for larger companies. It also raises the value of strategic consultancy agencies ,who focus on finding points of growth on one hand and ways of cutting expenses on the other.

During the 1990’s when Team2u consultants, a company working in the field of strategic and management consultancy, was first founded, a new global era was in the making around the world.

The issue of strategic growth became dominant and gave Team2u consultants leverage to enter the European market. During the beginning of the 21st century, after the dot.com bubble exploded, companies went on to focus on in-house reorganisation, at the same time that business potential for the Asian market rose.