About Team2u consultants


During the 1990’s when Team2u consultants, a company working in the field of strategic and management consultancy, was first founded, a new global era was in the making around the world.  The issue of strategic growth became dominant and gave Team2u consultants leverage to enter the European market. During the beginning of the 21st century, after the dot.com bubble exploded, companies went on to focus on in-house reorganisation, at the same time that business potential for the Asian market rose.  Team2u consultants took advantage of this new market and opened it’s second branch is South East Asia, establishing it’s position as an Israel consulting agency, with an expertise in the Asian market.


Today, there appears to be a retreat to the strategy of “wise growth”, leaning on existing resources from within the company, and therefore a substantial growth of work volume. This strategy in the awakening countries, emphasises the need in objective and comprehensive viewing of the local market, and the adaptive ability to make fast changes happen. This is a critical foundation for planning a successful growth for larger companies. It also raises the value of strategic consultancy agencies ,who focus on finding points of growth on one hand and ways of cutting expenses on the other.


Team2u consultants is one of the leading strategic consultancy agencies in this field. The company focuses on strategic and management consultancy for senior managers in the private and public sector, companies, government and educational institutions, with a goal of helping them improve their decision making process. We help them make these decisions into a reality and their business goals come to life, whilst increasing their work volume and doubling profits. In addition, Team2u consultants assists with planning business moves (long and short term) promoting the company and building recovery and potential growth plans, that are tailored for our clients specific needs.


Our company’s financial and professional establishment and success in the Asian market in particular, and the global market in general, allows us to choose our clients meticulously, and to prefer clients with a dominant management rank that eliminates any disagreements and creates a strong and united business front. Team2u consultants can also commit to the success of the work process whilst creating a long term work relationship. We will do all of this whilst emphasising full cooperation that includes a 2 two way street of fully disclosed high quality and updated information, that will assure an efficient decision making process, in real time.


Team2u consultants’ uniqueness are the tools our versatile team has built, that assure the integration of a shift in strategic thinking and financial efficiency of the organisation , with an emphasis on the individual, openness to new trade opportunities and maximisation of company profitability.


Team2u consultants currently works with a permanent team of 50 freelance consultants who together create our energetic uniqueness. On a personal level they all have high analytic abilities, a strategic way of thinking and a wide business view. Professionally, they are all  familiar with the local culture and have rich experience with business entrepreneurs and project managements in the local and international market.


Team2u consultants management, decision makers and policies combine their
professionalism in the strategic and management consultancy industry with additional expertise from a wide range of areas such as law, technology, medicine, trade and finances, extreme sports, arts and martial arts. The unique combination completes and upgrades our ability as a company, dictates it’s


culture and our ability to be compatible to our clients needs.12

Amongst Team2u consultants clients you will find companies from the medical industry as well as gastronomy, medicine, banks and more, to whom Team2u consultants offers a wide range of tools: from maximisation of  organisation operations to consultancy services from the strategic foundation to realisation as well as professional operational workshops.


Team2u consultants business vision is to continue to develop new and original strategic consultancies, to increase our business success record and our companies profits whilst emphasising personal and business honesty, positive thinking and excellence.



Fabio Rossi owner and CEO of   –   Team2u Consultants

Fabio Rossi the current owner and CEO of Team2u Consultants, guided the company to growth and expansion while penetrating new markets in Asia. He was responsible for building the company’s business strategy, and characterise the company’s business culture.

Fabio Rossi’s mission was to educated business to supports its community’s vision, model and its practices

Fabio Rossi philosophy is that “An integration between education and coaching process would give every business owner’s insight that would lead to positive, impactful change in every business aspect”.

Fabio bought Team2u Consultants in 2014. He brought the company rich experience of more than 21 years in managing consulting companies and in the servicing, sales and financing. Before, he had years of experience in investment banking and corporate finance like Morgan Stanley. Where he held various senior finance positions and helped businesses to grow from $20 million to $350 million and developed a worldwide business connections.



Fabio Rossi is a master executive coach since 2002 and an expert in designing creative solutions and to adopt approaches that integrate business with personal development and interpersonal relationships.

He brings experience of working with senior executives, to increase performance and create organizational, personal, and financial growth, expose and enhance their innate abilities to lead effectively. Enable executives and organizations to fulfil their goals and objectives but also enhance the long-term asset value of their business


High education:

Fabio Rossi holds a B.A degree in Economics, Psychology from La-Sapienza University, Rome, and Master degree in Economic, business from La-Sapienza university

A master in NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) .