Structure and method of action


Team2u consultants was established in Israel in the 1990’s by a mixed team of hi-tech workers, economists and advisors who together with a new work methodology and creative solutions, assisted companies in making their work process more efficient improved their business goals. Our company’s business concept success gave us leverage in Europe. Our search for a potential chaste and unique market brought us to open a branch in South East Asia and to work in the entire area.


Our company includes a range of professional departments, including a training department that deals with organisational surveying, management and development training, strategic and management  consultancy that deals with management development, talent management, organisational changes and in-house communications, a technology department and business development. In addition to all of this, you will be able to find in each of our branches (Israel and South East Asia) additional unique departments designed specifically for the local and peripheral work force.


The unique organisational structure of Team2u consultants works in an upside down pyramid structure, where the managerial level support the employees working with our clients. At the base of the pyramid is the CEO who’s job is to able to forces above him to do their work and to remove all obstacles that may stand in their way. At the top of the pyramid are our clients. The pyramid is characterised by a two way communication stream, which gives our clients a professional response and a direct relationship with all ranks in the company.


An integrated projectile and freelance team is a part of our work team and allows flexibility and adaptiveness to our clients needs (due to a combination of existing stability in a large company and the flexibility of a small one).


Our work methodology is based on a personal and professional relationship with each of our clients. At the beginning of the process,  a Team2u consultants team will join the client and conduct a diagnosis (identification of the business and organisational needs). At the concept and solution stage, the consulting team will create a tailor made solution program, matching the organisational culture and business needs of the company, whilst comparing it to the existing competition in the market. The business plan will be based on models and analysis methods that the training team comes up with. At the integrative stage, a unique plan will be tailored together with a time schedule and an expenses plan. The assessment and measurement stage is last, where commodities will be assed and a new evaluation of the situation will be done.


Amongst the shelf products our company offers, you will able to find: Work methodology such as six sigma, market surveys, feasibility arrangements, risk management systems, business strategy integration, operational excellency, alignments to improve sales and customer service, supply and service improvement methods and more. You will also find smart solutions that combine  business systems with consultation and programming.


We will accompany you with new operations and mergers, professional workshops (executive style coaching), martial arts for businesses, extreme sport activities, sales, real estate, art and many more. The workshops are taken from various business arenas, and focus on improving professional achievements and creating a pleasant work environment, organisational culture and to increase productivity and profits.