Team2u in Asia and South East Asia


Today with the financial growth of the Asian market and the strengthening of the Asian middle class, there is a substantial growth in the level of income of 25% a year. With it, also grew the need for consultancy companies and Asia became an attraction for international companies around the globe. Countries such as South Korea, Singapore and Indonesia began providing an abundance of  work for international companies in this field and many companies with cultural and financial power entered this market.


Asia is a cultural collective that includes Muslim countries, Indian Castes, a Social financial market in China, Japanese culture and many more. It lacks political and financial clarity, is subject to natural disasters that all require these businesses to prepare in advance with an infrastructure that includes: strategic planning, re connecting with the foundations of local establishments and people, equipment of initial investment, creation of local technological and manpower infrastructure and building risk assessment programs.


Precedence, experience and professional success determine the success rate amongst companies in the competition created in the Asian market. Team2u consultants has been perceived for a more than a decade as and integral part of the Asian local scenery through our branches in Singapore and Hong Kong, both  chosen due to their strategic positioning in Asia and their business and social advantages.




Since 1963 when  Singapore gained financial independence, she has grown to be the country with the highest measure of national income and output per individual in the world, and 3rd out of the richest countries in the world (by Forbes magazine). The country is the leading investment addressee for foreign companies due to her position as one of the friendliest financial systems and her free competition companies (she was ranked number 1 amongst companies of the world who make life easy for business, by the World Bank).


Singapore has a unique social and business texture. She is one of the more advanced modern and clean cities in the world, has an open financial market, one of the lowest crime rates in the world, stable prices and a high measure of individual income and output. She is stable politically, provides the best work force in the world and also has one of the leading rates of life quality.


Team2u consultants combines multi-cultural elements (East and West) with a heterogeneous work force, putting an emphasis on being versatile and on the programs we offer the business market that are implemented in Western and local companies.