Professional workshops


In a recent study preformed by leading companies CEO’s, it was found that a high quality team of employees is the number one reason for an organisations growth. This fact focuses the professional challenge on quality of recruitment, the right internal training and internal management that leads to fast growth of the company.


A good manager needs to be a leader and must have the ability to communicate his vision to his team, to encourage them to take calculated risks and to develop innovative creativity. In addition his set of skills must include flexibility and the ability to deal with heterogeneous cultures.


At Team2u consultants we believe that leadership is an acquired feature and that with the proper training and guidance, can be taught and made instinctive. In our professional workshops organisational managers will train, in an experiential method, to strengthen their position, to improve their abilities whilst learning how to increase the organisations productivity. Since the workshops come from various industries and are different due to their unique way of teaching, every manager can choose the most suitable workshop for his personality and the cultural organisation of the company.


Executive style coaching


A processive workshop, that focuses on working with the managerial rank of a company. It’s goal is to lead managerial leadership to improve their performance, increase their achievements and lead the organisation to financial profitability.


The workshop takes place whilst the managerial rank continues to work. It is practical, deals with subjects taken from the managers work environment and will provide them with performance tools, implementation abilities, provide problem solutions at real time whilst preserving and increasing their responsibilities.


In the workshop managers will work on removing fixations and developing creative thinking, defining personal and professional goals, improving managerial productiveness and leadership skills, dealing with potential stumbling blocks, gaining perspective on various dilemmas and improving performances.


At Team2u consultants there are a number of various courses to choose from. They are all identical in terms of the process the managers go through that provides them with expandable operational methodology and redefinition, whilst giving practical training.


Martial arts for businesses


Our Martial art workshop for employees and managers combines cognitive and physical processes from the world of martial arts, who’s goal is to know how to identify and develop win win situations at work, develop concentrations, adapt a balanced perspective, give respect and trust to other colleagues and improve working relations between employees. It also teaches a rational and objective approach to dealing with conflicts and to know how to have fun at work whilst feeling satisfied and having a sense of belonging.


In marital arts there are 2 categories: internal martial arts which is spiritual and focuses on balance and mental awareness such as the Chinese Tai chi and the Japanese Aikido and the is external marital arts that teaches that physical reactions come before mental reactions such as the Chinese Kung Fu, Judo, Karate, Ninjutsu and Korean martial arts such as tae kwon do and Tang Soo Do.


The workshops Team2u consultants offers combine both categories. On one hand, employees will learn that the brain dictates their actions and that the best way to eliminate an enemy from afar is to collect their Chi power (internal martial arts). They will learn this whilst developing the physical strength and agility together with body movements that will help anticipate physical reaction before the mental one.



Extreme sport activities for employee formation


This is an extreme sport workshop, aimed at managers and employees together, in order to provide teams with communication skill as individuals and as a team, to improve their existing relationships within the organisation and to bring the teams closer together from a heterogeneous group of individuals info a unified homogenous team, who strives for excellence and increasing profitability at work.


In the workshop we create teams of employees from various ranks and divisions who are not used to working together, and face them with competitive missions they are used to dealing with in their day to day lives. The mutual dependancy between team members and the mutual aspiration, assist each group member in finding their own niche within the group and to focus on emphasising their advantages. On a group level it assists breaking down barriers between people, develops relationships, improves communication skills and creates an additional and equal opportunity to prove themselves. It also allows employees to learn new ways of working in a team without diminishing their personal self.


The sense of achievement that employees experience in this workshop, the pleasure of completing a mission and the set of new skills that they leave with  allows them to know their advantages and combine their skills in the best way possible, whilst assisting them in facing functional challenges and to respond quickly to changes. All of these will affect their business productivity and lead to profitability.


The workshop also allows a diagnosis of employees whilst learning the best ways to reward them, give them a feeling of involvement, belonging and team empowerment that brings saving in resources, time and money.


Stained glass workshop for managers1


Creativity is a core skill for all leaders and managers, and it is an essential component in the innovation equation. Organisations leaded by creative leaders show a higher average rate of innovation, management involvement with employees and business potential. These organisations also have the ability to suit themselves in changing markets that require extraordinary intellectual abilities, adaptive workflow and effective decision making processes.


The workshop will deal with discovering and developing creativity and a new skill set. It will focus on discovering their personal creativeness, assist in creating and analysing conceptual shift and assessment of ideas, whilst developing a critical way of thinking and strategic decision making skills from various points of view.  Techniques and methodologies will be taken from the managers world, the cultural environment they work in with a combination of stained glass art and science.


The stained glass is used for telling stories, improves the atmosphere with it’s aesthetics and beauty. It is universal, does not require specific artistic skills or technical knowledge and allows anyone to create. The creative experience is not trivial or simple, and requires open mindedness to colours and new mediums. The art of stained glass also demands gentleness whilst working with tools that require aggressive and focused work.  There is a wide range of techniques and after enough training and practise each individual will be able to find his own way of working with the glass and creating. The experience of success intensifies the feeling of uniqueness and centralisation of employees.


Stained glass


The art of stained glass, not like the clear glass through which we can see the other side, changes what is seen through that glass and draws attention on itself. The presence of the stained glass, it’s beauty and choice of colours create a unique atmosphere with a warm and energetic red or a cooling green. The colour is cast inside the glass whilst being created and so they keep their beauty forever.


Stained glass has a rich and glorious history from the 12th contrary in Europe inspired by the Roman style, and reached it’s peak during the Gothic period. Throughout the years this art form became common around the world, by Muslim and Christians and changes according to the artistic style of the period and culture.


Negotiation workshop for managers – Real-estate market


In the 1990’s and beginning of the 21st century, the real-estate market remained stable and strong, despite financial struggles and the general reduction of consumer trust in this particular field. But still, this market remains stable and offers a wide range of business opportunities that increased the competition between real-estate brokers and brought a professionalisation in the negotiation process, the art of convincing, speed of closing deals – until all of these became the name of the game.


Workshops that deal with strategic marketing, negotiating etc are focused on the real-estate market and have created an advantage for it’s graduates at work and in their life in general, as they can be practised in all areas of life. This fact together with the success and professionalism have increased the demand for such workshops, in all areas of expertise.


Team2u consultants combines the technical professional principles from the real-estate market, communicational behaviour with clients with relevant content to the company. It includes simulations, role playing, group exercises and activities, q&a’s and lectures. These activities are meant to increase  the flow of information and to strengthen the preservation of this information until it is in the practitioners second nature. During the workshop the company’s milestones and team efficiency will be examined, as well as the processes that bring them from thought to action and a work plan will be built together.


Sales workshop for managers –  The medicine field


Sales is a tough and demanding trade, but sales in the medicine field is the hardest – the products are expensive, they become obsolete fast and the sales representative must prove that the shelf life of the products they are selling is long term, that it is efficient medically speaking, that it has a proven success record and that it is reliable, efficient and will return it’s cost. In addition, the sales rep must understand anatomy, technology and be able to combine the both. He must also be able to pull out professional information in real time when talking to a medical team, whilst proving that the medical products do actually improve patients situation.


In order to succeed in this market a sales rep must have a unique skill set that matches the different stages of a sale. The first stage is building an extensive infrastructure, learning all there is to know about the product, what news it may bring to patients and also learn the market and the demand for the product is hospitals. The second stage is to create contact with the various facilities (Hospitals etc) where there is a demand for the specific product or where the product  could be efficient. enough to create an affective negotiating meeting.


The workshop is aimed at managers and employees in various organisations (not only in the medical field), it is based on tactical skills and principles that have to do with the existing stages of sales used already in the medical field, content that combines the structure of the clients operation and an adaptive practicum to the clients demands. This combination assures interest, develops flexible intellect and give an introduction to new and interesting areas of expertise.



Innovation technology workshop

In this modern world there is fierce competition between companies in the various markets, where business environments are in constant change together with technological innovations that allow fast adaptations to change, and more efficiency in the ability to lead  businesses towards progress, effective execution and long term stability.


A recent study conducted with CEO’s from small companies in Europe shows that 70% of them believe that the foundation to success that includes; profitability, innovation, affective response to clients, presentation of a wide range of products and services, efficiency of various financial models – lays in the correct implantation of technological models.


This technology workshop is for managers who do not work in the technology field. It’s goal is to provide participants with an understanding of how technology thrives for operational efficiency and increases business efficiency. It includes guidance on ideal use of technology as a tool for supporting internal processes and decision making strategies. It also teaches how to suggest ways to build a tailor made technology operation for clients etc.


At Team2u consultants we believe that there is to substitute to combining expertise with experience, and so this workshop is taught by technology professors who have a relevant and rich history. The workshop also includes meetings that combine business technology, and technology innovations based on the clients world of content and business world.


Ergonomics workshops

Ergonomics (Human engineering) deals with matching the work place to it’s workers (managers and employees) by changing or re-designing the work place in order to improve the work load, deduct the average work accidents ( research shows that 25-75% of injuries are work related) and as a result, to preserve content and productive employees in the long run and to expand the company’s relative advantages and profits.


Awareness of the field of ergonomics and implementation of it inside the company, happens at the same time as integrating additional processes: Six Sigma safety management system, Lean manufacturing etc.


The workshop is aimed at both managers and employees and is given by professors who combine their knowledge in the ergonomics field, anatomy and treatments and include personal meetings as well as group meetings, according to the clients specific needs.


In order to maximise the goals of this workshop, the work process will include preliminary meetings with the clients in order to get to know the organisation and it’s teams, it’s goals and to raise all of the important areas that need special attention.